Common license issues
Cannot activate a license? Or maybe you did not receive it? This page should provide you with some help.

I successfully purchased a license, but it never arrived

If you were neither redirected to a "Thank you" page with the license key after the purchase, nor have you received an email with it, please reach out.

I have a license key, but I cannot activate it

First, please double-check that the key is correct, especially if you are not copy-and-pasting it.
If that doesn't help, make sure that your firewall, ISP or government isn't blocking access to one of these domains:
  • (if using version 1.6.2 or newer)
  • (if using version 1.6.1 or older)
Please note that licenses purchased after April 22nd, 2021 will only work in Parsify Desktop ≥ 1.6.2.
Finally, if the above solutions don't work, please reach out.
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