Things that inspired us when creating the app!
Text-based calculator is not our original idea. In fact, it's a pretty old one - the first notepad calculator we found was made in 1993! The original concept was since reevaluated by many individuals and companies, who wanted to utilize it for productivity and to solve different problems.
When the initial development of Parsify began in December of 2019, we took inspiration from the following products:
  • Soulver by Acqualia Software OÜ - developed since 2005, it is by many considered the best text-based calculator for macOS and iOS.
  • Numi by Dmitry Nikolaev - a notepad calculator with minimalistic interface and a plugin system.
As the development went along, we discovered other similar apps, some of which are included in our comparison table. We think that the aforementioned products deserve a mention here, as well as in our app itself.
This page was inspired by a FAQ section fragment from the Soulver documentation.
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